Characters For Sale

There are no characters added for sale at this moment.

Trade Character Buy and Sell

    * You must be logged in to userpanel to access "More Info..." and "Add Character" *

  • You can sell your characters for ingame currency. To sell your character press "Add Character" button.
  • Fill out the rest of the information needed to Add to the Characters Shop.
  • To buy a character just click on "More Info..." button to view character info and purchase.

  • * How to pay to Buy Character from the List. *

  • Open your account in game and put enough Geons in your storage keeper
  • Go to userpanel and click Buy Character (You Must Be Offline in game)

  • * How to get your Geons if someone bought your character *

  • If your character is sold you will find the Geons in trade character list
  • Click on Receive Geons (You Must Be Offline in game)
  • You Will Get Your Geons in your Storage

  • Add Character List in UserPanel