1. Accounts

  • Evolved Kal (kalevolved.com) is not responsible for you losing your secret number, password or ID.
  • In certain cases you may be able to retrieve your secret number or password by using our website.
  • Trading accounts or items for other servers is at own risk. We dont help scammed players in this case.
  • Attempting to buy or sell accounts and items for real money (eBay, PayPal, etc) is strictly forbidden and leads in a permanent hwid block.
  • Sharing accounts or items is at own risk. We will never restore items when we find out you gave away your PW/ID or used the same ID/PW info on another server.

2. Scamming

  • If your character is shared and is found empty, we will not restore items.
  • Sharing is a risk you take so only share with somebody you know well. If your character is shared and is found empty, the players on which the items are now, will not be blocked. If you wont bother keeping the account for yourself, we wont bother spending time finding who took your stuff and block him/her.
  • If you get scammed while trading items/accounts for another server, we will not restore the account/items because we cannot verify if the transaction occurred on the other server or not. Keeping drops in party cannot be considered scamming. Dont party players that you dont know.

3. Insulting

  • GM's will not intervene for insults when it is on private messages or normal chat. Insulting in shout is allowed to a degree but not excessively and will result in being issued with a mute or jail for a minimum of 1 hour whichever the GM in question decides (The GM in question may decide whether the insults were excessive or not).
  • When the insults are over the top, like racial/sexual insults, we can decide to block your account if been given several warnings in the past to stop such behaviour.
  • Provide screenshots to Muff on Discord (https://kalevolved.com/discord) if you believe you were falsely muted or Jailed.
  • Insulting is not the way to play a game.

4. Shout

  • Only English is allowed in Shout, anything else will result in a Warning followed by Mute (as decided by whoever is handing the mute depending on the offence).
  • Multiple offence will get you permanently blocked. Excessively spamming Shout with unnecessary content will also result in the same.

5. Hacking

  • Hacking in any way (2 jobs, storms, speed, etc.) will get you banned permanently.

6. GM Impersonators

  • There are always people trying to ruin the fun for others. There may be people that tell you they are GMs and ask for your items or ID and password.
  • Do not trust these people! A real GM will never ask you to give your items to him/her. We also will not ask you for your login details.
  • If you get scammed by these people we cannot help you. We do expect a certain level of intelligence from the players here.
  • We hold the right to block players with names that match GM names.

7. Update notifications

  • Server news or required updates will be posted on the Discord/Website and Game Updater.

8. Game Masters

  • GM's are not allowed to interfere with players on this server which means : No players will have items given to by GM's, No help received to level from GM's, No free items or favouritism.
  • GM characters on the server are solely for the purpose of monitoring players/testing or replicating reported bugs and help players with answering questions.
  • GM's can have alternative accounts but do not receive any help from their GM characters or other GM's, if seen doing so or can provide proof report it to Muff on Discord (https://kalevolved.com/discord) or raise a Support Ticket on the Userpanel.
  • If you discover (and can prove) that a GM is helping own character or another player in any way, report it to Muff on Discord (https://kalevolved.com/discord) or raise a Support Ticket on the Userpanel.

9. Supporters

  • Supporters are allowed to have a seperate account to play. Supporters have access to only some minor commands like hide, move to player, kick, block (only in rare cases where Admin is unavailable). They receive level 100 only so they can visit higher level areas to check players and replicate bugs.
  • If you discover (and can prove) that a Supporter is abusing their powers please report to Muff on Discord (https://kalevolved.com/discord) or raise a Support Ticket on the Userpanel.

10. Kill Stealing, AFK-killing or botting

  • There are no set rules on Kill Stealing as it is part of the game but if it is excessive and can be proved it can be seen as harassment and will result in being issued with jail time for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • If you are caught AFK-Killing or botting (can be anything from macro, key pressers or illegal programs etc), you will be jailed or blocked as a result!
  • Multiple offence will get you permanently blocked on all your characters you have logged in from the pc that was caught.

11. Advertising

  • Advertising other servers, in any way, is forbidden! You will be kicked or banned permanently.

12. Donations

  • A donation is a gift.
  • We strictly have a no refund policy.
  • Opening a dispute or claim with PayPal will result in an instant permanent ban of your account, whatever the outcome of the dispute/claim is, even if its in your favor.
  • We will provide full logs of the donation, your account information and the way you spent the donation rewards in our game to PayPal.
  • In the past, we have won all claims by providing this kind of evidence to PayPal.

13. Final word

  • You automatically agree with these rules when registering. We reserve the right to punish players for behavior not listed on this page.
  • Evolved Kal (kalevolved.com) reserves the right to modify these Server Rules at any time, without notice.